4 Steps to prepare you venue for life after COVID



Like many other industries, the Covid-19 pandemic took a huge toll on the entertainment business when it forced everyone to remain inside. But as time has passed and states continue to reopen, it is time to begin thinking about protocols that need to be put in place to make sure that attendees feel safe when attending your venue and events. Below, we’ll outline four key steps you can take to ensure you are reopening your venues safely and in line with government guidelines.

1. Social Distancing

Venue capacity will vary from state to state. Step one is to be informed on what your state’s requirements are. You can facilitate with this by having clear signaling when it comes to seating, restrooms, and high traffic areas to minimize attendees having to walk around longer than needed.

2. Mobile Ticketing

Contactless entry has become a popular ticketing choice over the years and more so due to the pandemic. It was reported that during the 2018 NFL season, 97% of fans entered stadiums using Ticketmaster ticketing technology. Mobile ticketing is faster than traditional methods and allows for minimal physical interaction between employees and fans. 

3. Mobile Ordering

Another step to take is adopt mobile ordering. Some venues and stadiums have employed a way of ordering food and drinks through an application on your phone and it is then delivered to you by an employee. This both helps attendees feel safe and allows them to maximize their time at the event instead of missing a moment due to long ordering lines and travel to and from seating.

4. Hygiene requirements

Having a robust sanitation system will provide attendees a peace of mind knowing the venue is clean as well as provide the option to wash their hands. Having a staff to sanitize frequently touched amenities such as rails and chairs will mitigate the risk of sickness spreading and show your patrons that you care about their health and safety. Implementing protocols among employees will also assist in this and help to keep your employees safe as well.


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