Is your business ready for the "New Normal"?


When referring to life post pandemic, we have all used the phrase “the new normal” to describe whatever that world would look like. And with businesses reopening and increased number of vaccinations, it looks like we are nearly there. What may have worked prior to the pandemic will require adaptations to meet this new normal’ s requirements around employee safety, health and your business’ safety through physical and cybersecurity.

According to Upwork, 41.8% of the American workforce is still working from home and it is estimated that by 2025, 22% of the American workforce will continue working remotely, an 87% increase from the number prior to the pandemic. With more and more people working from home, this calls for a need in improved cybersecurity to protect your servers and the important information that they hold. Improved cybersecurity and encryption will protect your business and employees from data breaching or phishing.

There will also be an increased need for physical security with the increased amount of remote and hybrid work. More and more people will be coming in and out of your offices, requiring more detailed security when checking credentials to ensure the safety of your employees and business. This can mean either more people in monitoring security or more strict security practices. According to Safewise, metropolitan areas such as New York City and San Francisco have seen a 42% increase in burglaries of commercial properties since the pandemic. This large spike was in large part due to lockdowns and the increased number of remote workers, but with this amount looking to increase it has become more important to better protect your business.

The new normal will also come with more conscientious health practices around the office. With now more attention than ever being paid to our daily lives and how we interact with each other, more safety measure will need to be put in place to ensure you and your employees’ health. This can mean an increase in hand sanitizing stations, better spacing around the office to keep distance and making in person meetings only about high priority topics.

The new normal is quickly approaching and with that new normal comes the need for a new approach for your business’ security. The pandemic proved that it is paramount to have a backup plan and to be proactive when preparing your business and employees for the worst-case scenario. Improving on your cyber, physical and health security are just the beginning of things that we can expect in this post-pandemic world. Is your business prepared?

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