Holiday Prep Time: Is Your Facility Ready for End-of-Year Security Challenges?

As the final quarter of the year rapidly approaches, businesses in nearly every industry are preparing for the busiest season of the year. From Halloween to New Year’s, in cities and towns across the country, Americans venture out in greater numbers to prepare for the holidays, visit family, dine out, celebrate and travel. But with all the merriment comes the prospect of security incidents, ranging anywhere from theft and violence to traffic accidents and severe weather emergencies.

Throughout the holidays, a surge of people crowd retail stores, visit banks and other financial institutions, and attend parties, concerts and other events. And while everyone is out and about, celebrating, shopping and often carrying large amounts of money, the need for security is significantly heightened.

In this blog, we’ll explore the need for greater security during the holiday season, with a focus on three areas that most often experience theft, fraud, traffic problems and other challenges this time of year.

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