Crisis Management & Disaster Response

Preparing for the unexpected is a crucial part of your overall business plan.

Having a trusted partner when a crisis or disaster occurs is crucial to a company's personnel, customers and operation. ODS works closely with its clients to ensure that their security needs are met in the event of a national emergency or natural disaster.

Over the years ODS has worked in several catastrophic events that were a result of a severe hurricane, tornado, earthquake and pandemic.  In each case, a State of Emergency was declared making it virtually impossible to source off duty police from the affected area.  By having a national capability, ODS is able to draw from off duty officers well outside the affected area and mobilize them quickly where they are needed.  Crisis and disaster services can involve the deployment of large groups of officers which include complicated operational issues, logistics, communication, etc. and in difficult environments.

Having a well documented Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is critical, but what’s more important is having that plan in sync with your customer’s BCP. Off Duty Services goes to great lengths to plan and exercise that plan with its customers so that in the event of a crisis, we engage our services quickly.

Above and Beyond Security Service

ODS makes it easy for you to get off duty police protection when you want it and where you need it:

  • ONE call for police officers around the clock
  • ONE point of contact 24 hours/day
  • ONE invoice/month-not 100s of paychecks
  • Officers rapidly on-site anywhere in the U.S.
  • Outsourcing your insurance liability
  • Only active, certified, skilled officers