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Law enforcement officers have been working off duty security assignments for almost as long as there have been police officers.  Over the years, many companies have come to depend heavily on the availability of off duty cops to augment their security needs throughout the United States.  Almost without exception, these off duty police officers were employed directly by the companies that needed the service.  These relationships presented unique issues for the companies, as well as the police officers hired by the companies.  To address the issues for both the companies and police officers, Brett and Sherry Rowley started Off Duty Services (ODS) in 2002.

In this business you probably won’t get a new client at 2:00am on a Saturday, but you can certainly lose an existing client. That is why we are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Their vision was to provide one stop shopping for companies needing off duty police officers to work security assignments throughout the United States. As a former corporate security executive and police officer, Brett understood the challenges faced by corporate America and off duty police officers in operating within the existing structure where companies hired off duty cops directly.  For the companies, some of these issues included locating available police resources, maintaining relationships with multiple law enforcement agencies, vetting and supervising the officers, managing the liability and processing officer payroll.  For the police officers, some of the issues included addressing their personal liability, being paid in a timely manner and managing unrealistic customer expectations.  Over the years, ODS developed a systemic approach to providing off duty cops anywhere in America that relieved their customers of the burden of managing the off duty police program and protected the best interests of the police officers and their employing law enforcement agencies.

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“The best sales pitch and the slickest brochure mean nothing to the client who cannot reach their security provider in an emergency. Our operations personnel are available 24/7 to schedule service and answer questions”.

- Brett Rowley, Founder of Off Duty Services

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