Emergency Service

Emergency Services 

Relying on local police resources during or after a disaster can put you in a difficult spot as they’re swamped with on-duty assignments. Most likely your business is not one of their higher priorities. ODS provides off duty law enforcement to protect your locations during and after emergencies. Our officers are armed, have powers of arrest, and are at your sites when you need them. We help your emergency disaster management by relieving you of the time consuming burden of finding and placing a police presence. Whether the emergency is a hurricane, civil unrest, flooding, fire, labor disruption, or any other type of industrial emergency, ODS ensures you are protected first and continually during the emergency.

Above and Beyond Security Service

ODS makes it easy for you to get off duty police protection when you want it and where you need it:

  • ONE call for police officers around the clock
  • ONE point of contact 24 hours/day
  • ONE invoice/month-not 100s of paychecks
  • Officers rapidly on-site anywhere in the U.S.
  • Outsourcing your insurance liability
  • Only active, certified, skilled officers