Roving Patrols

Roving Patrols

Roving patrol services provide our customers with a cost effective way to protect assets without the need for a permanent onsite security. 

Roving patrols are extremely efficient to use when there are a number of locations within a specific geographic area that need to be visited within a shift.  It’s a simple method to leverage time and cost for the service.  While on site the officers provide an excellent deterrent for suspicious behavior and help paying customers feel safe. The routes are typically random making it difficult for anyone to predict arrival and departures. 

ODS offers either marked or unmarked vehicles with an off duty police officer at the wheel that will inspect multiple locations within a shift.   While the officer is on premise they will make personal contact with our customer to discuss any specific activity. 

Above and Beyond Security Service

ODS makes it easy for you to get off duty police protection when you want it and where you need it:

  • ONE call for police officers around the clock
  • ONE point of contact 24 hours/day
  • ONE invoice/month-not 100s of paychecks
  • Officers rapidly on-site anywhere in the U.S.
  • Outsourcing your insurance liability
  • Only active, certified, skilled officers