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The industrial and manufacturing segment represents tremendous infrastructure to the United States and as such are very important to keep safe. The manufacturing industry has become a significant target for theft, workplace violence, labor relations disputes, property damage or vandalism and a host of other crimes. These crimes threaten profitability and increase costs to the consumer. They put personnel, inventory, facilities, the perception of the brand, and a company’s reputation at risk in the marketplace.

ODS provides local, active, off duty police officers that are familiar with the communities they work off duty assignments in and report into police precincts that have jurisdiction for the structure they work in. Our officers are certified, licensed police officers and are fully trained in all local and state ordinances which ensures the right discipline is in place at your facility.

ODS is a nationwide provider of off duty police officers to the private sector. We offer a unique service that provides quality police officer selection, supervision and a single point of contact available 24 hours a day. We handle all police officer payroll related issues, scheduling, after-hours emergencies and provide you with a single invoice for each billing period.

We also provide general liability insurance and Workers’ Compensation coverage for all our police officers minimizing our client’s exposure to liability. In addition, we match an officer’s experience and their agency’s culture to the unique protection needs of situation they will be placed in. This means our officers come from agencies requiring courtesy and respect while interacting with the public.

So, whether your location requires one officer for an occasional event or you are interested in fulltime coverage, ODS can help.

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“The best sales pitch and the slickest brochure mean nothing to the client who cannot reach their security provider in an emergency. Our operations personnel are available 24/7 to schedule service and answer questions”.

- Brian Stewart, Vice President of Off Duty Services

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