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Providing off duty law enforcement to refineries, chemical, manufacturing, storage and transfer facilities requires extra care. Not every officer has the training or experience to effectively operate in the petrochemical industry. These officers must have a greater sensitivity to the unique needs of petrochemical facilities and job specific certifications including CFATS, TWIC and CTPAT.

ODS matches an officer’s experience and training, along with their agency’s culture, to your facility’s unique security needs. This means our officers are selected from agencies with robust safety training programs and consistently high standards. We’ve found these officers bring that same commitment to serving your facility and its employees, vendors and guests. Our screening process uses a specialized, petrochemical-industry profile. This means only the right police officers are selected for your facility.

Emergency Response at Petrochemical Facilities

ODS’s extensive experience in the Petrochemical industry ensures you’ll get the proper emergency response when you need it. There may be situations when 911 is the appropriate initial response. However, relying on 911 to fulfill your on-going needs may produce several unpleasant surprises, such as officers who are:

  • Unfamiliar with your facility
  • Uncertain where critical areas are within your site
  • Unable to perform some duties in your emergency response plan
  • Unknown to your site emergency management

Unfortunately, this confusion gets in the way of officers’ ability to respond quickly and effectively—all at the wrong time.

ODS’s Armed Emergency Response

Our armed response goes beyond typical services from off duty law enforcement or armed security guards. We help you solve your Petrochemical emergency needs, in the following way:

  • Designated Operations Managers who become familiar with your emergency response plan & coverage needs
  • Pre-event, on-site orientation that familiarizes us to your plant so we know where critical locations are before our officers are dispatched there
  • Site-specific protocols & procedures that ensure our officers can access your TWIC restricted areas when, and as, needed
  • Vetting your emergency response plan against our officers agency’s policies and regulations, and developing appropriate workarounds for any conflicts
  • Meeting with your key emergency personnel on-site, before you need us, so when we’re called on site, our officers know who to work with

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“The best sales pitch and the slickest brochure mean nothing to the client who cannot reach their security provider in an emergency. Our operations personnel are available 24/7 to schedule service and answer questions”.

- Brian Stewart, Vice President of Off Duty Services

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