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  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Departments (EDs)
  • Pediatric Centers
  • Clinics
  • Doctor Office
  • Laboratories & Research Centers
  • Parking Lot/Garage

ODS provides off duty law enforcement officers to hospitals, medical centers, and emergency departments who require extra care. Not every officer has the temperament or experience to tactfully work in healthcare environments. These officers must have a greater sensitivity to the needs of patients, their families, and experience dealing with people in traumatic situations.

ODS matches an officer’s experience, along with their agency’s culture, to healthcare’s unique policing needs. This means our officers come from agencies requiring courtesy and respect when interacting with their communities. We have found these officers bring that same sensitivity to serving member institutions and individual locations.

Healthcare “Right-Fit” Selection Process

ODS focuses on customer service, attention to detail and being responsive to our customers and officers. By screening the officers against a specialized, healthcare service profile,  we ensure the right officers are placed in the right situation during our selection process.